Albert Camus Book Covers


Albert Camus was a French philosopher, author, and journalist. Tasked with designing three covers for the absurdist author, I drew inspiration from the Swiss International Style along with classic Penguin Book covers. I wanted to convey a deceitful simplicity akin to the design philosophy of “less is more”. 
Contrary to popular belief, many people do judge a book by its cover. In order to achieve a strong first impression, I decided to use circles as they are a universally recognized visual presence. I first began by constructing a grid divided into 6x8. which held the circles. Depending on the color, each circle would ultimately address the title and content of the book.


For the book The Plague, the black circles are symbolic of healthy people, whereas the red circles represented those afflicted with the plague. This might seem counter intuitive since the plague the book refers to is the black plague. But I consciously made the black ones the healthy people as that color would be the constant in all three covers. In The Stranger. the black circles once again represent people, and the lone blue circle depicts the stranger. For the last title, Exile & the Kingdom, the green circles are symbolic of the kingdom and the absence of a circle portraying the exile. It is the opposite of the second cover in a sense.
The colors were chosen after the RGB color model but with minor adjustments. Each hue’s saturation was decreased in order to increase a matte look while avoiding  glossy feels. The reason is because I wanted to mantain an old feel to the books, hence the kraft paper stock.  

Back Trilogy.jpg
Trilogy Vertical.jpg